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Erwan Lier
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GoPro LUTs collection (25 .cubes) by Erwan Lier

A collection of my best cinematic LUTs for GoPro, that I use on a daily basis to get the most out of my GoPro footage.

Color grading my videos was fun, at least when I first started. But I quickly realized that to get a clean aesthetic look, you have to spend hours on a single clip. Tweaking contrast, WB, exposure, primaries, logs, masking … That’s a job by itself!

The hardest part was getting a consistent look over all of my shots. Especially when they were filmed in different scenarios. I always struggled, especially with the color of the sky.

But, after years of learning how to color grade, I finally came to understand how everything works together and created some LUTs that will make my grading easier, consistent, and beautiful. Until a point where I was using the same grade on all of my clips, on a daily basis.

So, I packaged everything into these LUTs, which will help you get a clean and consistent look over your videos, on top of being quick and easy to use.

These LUTs are designed to work on a wide variety of scenarios, including snow, underwater, forest, FPV, and all types of landscapes to quickly improve the look of your GoPro footage.

Most GoPro LUTs have a super hardcore look, that only works on a very specific scenario. Mine haven’t.

They are designed to be clean and sober, so you can get a nice aesthetic look with the least amount of adjustments.

What's inside?

A total of 25 LUTs + 1 mini course break down into:

  • 15 stylized LUTs for GoPro color or Natural color profile (.cube files)
  • 8 stylized LUTs for Flat color profile (.cube files)
  • 1 Flat To Rec709 conversion LUT 
  • 1 special LUT
  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, and any other software that utilizes 3D LUTs.
  • A 35-minute mini-course detailing:
    • My personal color grading workflow.
    • How to make any LUT work with any footage.
    • Extra tips and tricks I use to make my videos stand out!

Premium: With this package, you get my GoPro LUTs collection + my Complete GoPro guide

How to use them?

When applying a LUT, if you want the best result possible, you will have to adjust some values. Anyone pretending that you will apply their LUTs and your footage will magically be perfect without adjusting a tiny bit your clips is a liar and fraud. Don’t buy from them.

Before applying the LUT, make sure your white balance is correct. Otherwise, everything will be shifted the wrong way. 

Then, if you find the result of the LUT too intense for your footage, start by decreasing the contrast, highlights, and vibrance values of your footage. Then you can also decrease the intensity.

Will these LUTs work with any GoPro? Even if I don’t shoot in flat?

I have tested these LUTS from Hero6 to Hero11. Whether you used Flat, GoPro color, or Natural profile

Will I get access to any updates to this collection?

Yes! Any updates I make to this collection will be emailed to you, at no additional cost. 

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15 stylized LUTs
(.cubes files)
8 stylized LUTs (Flat profile)
(.cubes files)
1 Flat To Rec709 LUT 
(.cubes files)
1 special LUT
(.cubes files)
A 35-minute mini-course
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GoPro LUT collection

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